Coastcare programs depend on available funding and volunteers.

Programs include:

Management planning to protect natural values of the coast

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Natural resource management / Environmental knowledge capacity building and education

Habitat restoration and weed control

Wetlands monitoring, restoration and weed control

Seagrass monitoring

Dune protection

LOCAL coastal native plant promotion in collaboration with the Cooloola City Farm Nursery

Fauna Study and Monitoring

Shorebird & local bird education

Water quality monitoring (WaterWatch)

Marine debris monitoring, removal and education

Current Projects

Cooloola Coast Water Quality Monitoring

This project has been ongoing for 4 years and is no longer funded by any grants. Many thanks to our volunteers who have enthusiastically decided to continue collecting data!

Cooloola Underwater Biodiversity Assessment (CUBA)

The project provides baseline ‘state of the environment’ video record, comparing underwater geology, sandbanks and marine species before proposed infrastructure development at one of the sites (the Norman Point Jetty Project that was being considered by GRC).