Turtle tracks on Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach and Teewah Beach areas:

Contact email: Turtlecare@CooloolaCoastcare.org.au 

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Help our Turtles:

Turtle Track Sightings

If you see turtle tracks on the beach (November-April) 

Phone or text : 0493 511 207

Sick or injured turtles

To report a sick,  injured or dead turtle call

The Strandings Hotline 1300 103 373

Do not touch or try to move the turtle.  

A pink "X" on the shell means it was reported already.

Other TurtleCare and Turtle Monitoring and Rescue Groups: 

If you aren't in the Rainbow Beach or Teewah Beach area, here's a list of all the other marine turtle groups we know about and we are happy to help you find someone who can help.

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Get involved...

Turtle Research Volunteer

Become a highly trained volunteer who can tag turtles, relocate eggs  from at-risk nests & dig nests after hatching to record scientific data.

Training: 7 days at Mon Repos Turtle Research Centre every year during turtle nesting season (Dec - March)

Learn how to spot the tracks of a nesting turtle during your beach walks, identify the  species from  the tracks and take a photo & submit it to TurtleCare.

Training: Free local 30 minute briefing with TurtleCare Trainer.

Interested Bystander

Follow us on Facebook & attend public events like hatchings and information sessions.

Pictured here: Loggerhead nest hatching on Rainbow Beach 2020
2019 Nesting turtle, Rainbow Beach

Since 2018, Cooloola Coastcare has been monitoring local marine turtle activity in a project called TurtleCare. 

Volunteers monitor turtles nesting on the beaches north and south of Rainbow Beach and assist with rescuing stranded and injured turtles.

This project was started during the 2018-2019 turtle season by Joan Burnett with a donation of seed grant funding from the Australian Citizen Science Association by Dr Lindy Orwin.  Read more here.

Do you walk along Rainbow Beach in the mornings on a regular basis? 

We are always looking for volunteers for TurtleCare on Rainbow Beach and Teewah Beach from October to March. Training is provided at no cost.

While you are walking in the early morning, you can be looking for turtle tracks or hatchlings and reporting them to our project leader. Even sightings of dead turtles or egg shells are useful data for our research. 

Spotted a turtle or some tracks?

Phone or text Gary Swanson 0407 034 226 or  or Jan Waters 0429 481 490 for urgent notifications

or email her  TurtleCare@CooloolaCoastcare.org.au for any queries or if you can join in local turtle monitoring. 

Other sites for reporting an injured animal

A video about the turtle story

Marine Turtle Strandings & Rescues

Hawksbill Rescue

Juvenile transported to the Animal Hospital for treatment.

December 2019

Rescue attempt of nest of turtle eggs during Cyclone Oma

February 2019

Sick floating marine turtle rescue

 Taken to Sea Life Mooloolaba for treatment


More information about marine turtles

2019-20 Some photos and the data collected

2020 -21 Planning is in progress. Get in touch if you want to be involved. 

Turtle nest model

In the news

In the news

Cooloola Coastcare's TurtleCare article on the Australian Citizen Science Association blog

Gympie Today 12/1/2022 Turtles in Safe Hands

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