BioBlitz Guide

Field Activities

You will accompany your team leader to various sites. They will be an expert in some but not all species. As a team, you and your fellow "Citizen Scientists" will be guided in the process of finding, identifying, photographing and learning about the various, plants, animals and fungi that you find.

  • Most will involve some bushwalking so wear appropriate closed-toe shoes or boots and sun protection such as a hat, sun-shirt and sunscreen. Insect repellent is handy at some sites and in some seasons.

  • No specimen collection will be done by volunteers but you will be able to help find and carry specimens.

  • Take lots of photographs of specimens and the group in action and the locations. these can be used int he data records and media about the event.

  • There will also be activities back at the hall - presentations, artworks, data entry, workshops and meals (pre-ordered only). Tea and coffee are available all the time at the headquarters. Bring a thermos if you want to take some into the field.

Check the Weather Conditions

If there are periods where it is unsafe to be in the field due to the weather conditions such as strong winds or damaging hail, there will be a range of presentations and workshops offered in the Rainbow Beach Community Hall by the scientists who are the Team Leaders.

Please bring appropriate clothing, headwear and footwear for wet conditions, just in case. (Raincoats, waterproof boots, hats, warm clothing.)

Check weather conditions on Willy Weather Rainbow Beach Forecast or the Bureau of Meteorology Fraser Island Coastal Waters Forecast: Sandy Cape to Double Island Point and the Bureau of Meteorology Wide Bay and Burnett Forecast.

Also check the BOM Weather Warnings for Queensland.

Base Camp Activities

At Base Camp in the hall, there will be friends to be made and reconnected with, events and facilities for you to access:

  • Endless tea, coffee and water filling station

  • Packed Brown Bag Lunch collection

  • Social events and dinners

  • Presentations and workshops by team leaders and guests in the evenings

  • Nature inspired artworks and art activities by the Gympie Regional Gallery

  • Data entry of the day's finds and matching photos to specimens to make 'Research Grade' records

  • Photo opportunities of specimens, 'Eureka!' moments and the group in action at HQ

Guided excursions

Early morning and evening guided excursions:

  • These are in addition to the 'blitz' field trips

  • Guided by team leaders and guests in their areas of specialty

  • Usually bird walks in the early morning, night time frogging excursions and spotlighting walks

  • Photo opportunities abound

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