BioBlitz Guide


Making IDs


Field Activities

You will accompany your team leader to various sites. They will be an expert in some but not all species. As a team, you and your fellow "Citizen Scientists" will be guided in the process of finding, identifying, photographing and learning about the various, plants, animals and fungi that you find.

  • most will involve bushwalking so wear appropriate shoes and sun protection such as a hat, sunshirt and sunscreen. Insect repellent is handy at some sites and in some seasons.
  • No specimen collection will be done by volunteers but you might help carry specimens
  • Take lots of photographs of specimens and the group in action and the locations
  • but there will also be activities back at the hall - presentations, artworks, data entry.

Base Camp Activities

At Base Camp in the hall, there will be friends to be made and reconnected with, events and facilities for you to access:

  • Endless tea, coffee and water filling station
  • Packed Brown Bag Lunch collection
  • Social events and dinners
  • Presentations by team leaders and guests in the evenings
  • Nature inspired artworks and art activities by the Gympie Regional Gallery
  • Data entry of the day's finds and matching photos to specimens
  • Photo opportunities of specimens, Eureka moments and the group in action at Base Camp

Guided excursions

Early morning and evening guided excursions:

  • These are in addition to the 'blitz' field trips
  • Guided by team leaders and guests in their areas of specialty
  • Usually bird walks in the early morning, night time frogging excursions and spotlighting walks
  • Photo opportunities abound