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Research Services

Cooloola Coastcare can also assist researchers wanting to conduct research and educational activities in the Cooloola Coast region with a range of Contract Services.

Please contact the Coordinator to discuss your research needs.

Research Opportunities in Cooloola: Internationally recognised natural environments

Coastal Morphology

Our 1 million year old sand dune systems and dynamic coastline are unique.

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Beach Helicopters


Great Sandy Straits Ramsar Wetland of International Significance

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Beach Helicopters


With our dark skies, it is a perfect location for astronomy

Research Opportunities in Cooloola:  Our special marine life, coastal morphology and habitats


Photo courtesy of Rainbow Beach Helicopters

Grey Nurse Shark breeding area

Photo courtesy of Wolf Rock Dive

Humpbacked Dolphins

Photo courtesy of Barnacles Dolphin Centre

Of the seven species of marine turtles in the world, six occur in Australian waters

Underwater Biodiversity

Coastal & Marine Debris

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Million year old sand dunes of the Cooloola Sandmass

Patterned fens

Research Opportunities in Cooloola:  Discover and study new & rare species 

Robert Whyte has identified 78 species unknown to science at the 2 Cooloola BioBlitzes in 2018 & 2019

Download the 2018 report here 

The Cooloola Monster (Cooloola propator) is a cricket-like insect of the order Orthoptera, discovered in Cooloola National Park, Queensland circa 1980.

Photo attribution: CSIRO

An undescribed species of moth, Pseliastis sp. (Heliozelidae) discovered at the 2018 Cooloola  BioBlitz.

Long lost kauri moth rediscovered in Queensland after 40 years in the wilderness ABC Blog

Sarah Jane Bell

Image Source: Len Willan, CSIRO, 1978

Home of the vulnerable Water Mouse, False Water Rat, Yirrkoo (Xeromys myoides)

Image credit: Wikipedia

A diverse range of fungi

Photo courtesy of Sandra Tuszynska

Rare orchids

Photo courtesy of Glen Lieper

An overwintering location on the  East Asian - Australasian Flyway for migratory waterbirds.

Image credit: ABC

Research Student Support Services

 We can provide a range of services to researchers and research students such as:


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