Annual General Meeting

Management Team Nominations  and Volunteer Project Leaders 2024-25

NOTE: Nominations open in October 2024. 

Nominations Process

Nominations close at 5pm on the last business day a minimum of 2 weeks before the  date of the Annual General Meeting.

Management Committee Nomination Form 2024-25 will be available here in October 2024


The business of the Annual General Meeting will be:

1.  Welcome and approval of register of meeting attendees eligible to vote, proxies and apologies.

2.  Minutes from the previous year’s Annual General Meeting.

3.  Business arising from the previous minutes.

4.  Annual Report of the organisation, including the Annual Financial Statements.

5.  Announcement of election results or conduct the elections for Management Committee positions at the meeting (as required).

6.  Conduct a ballot for Life Membership(s) of the Association (if a nomination has been received).

7.  Conduct a ballot on any motions/resolutions put on notice.

8.  Appointment of the Association’s auditor or verifier. 

9. Close the meeting.

A short General Meeting will follow the AGM at which any new members will be approved. 

A guest speaker and social event usually follows the end of the formalities.

Proxy Form - All Meetings