From the bush to the beach...engaging  people of all ages .

Volunteering is FUN! and you can make a  difference.

Coastcare programs depend on volunteers. 

Programs vary from year to year depending on Coastcare's priorities, available funding to provide coordination , tools, scientific services and the availability of volunteers.   

You can volunteer without being a  member but we'd love to have you join as a member too.  We love to get out in nature to learn and help nature. 

All volunteers are covered by our QWALC Insurance as long as you are signed on at the activity. 

Some volunteers take on Project Leadership roles and even start their own projects with our help. Others join our organised projects and make lifelong friends. 

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito,” - Dame Anita Roddick 

Wildflower Walks to learn about the beautiful botany of the bush.

Marine turtles hatching on the beach.

Participate as a Citizen Scientists

BioBlitz Citizen Scientists discovering new species.

WaterWatchers testing creeks.

Birdwatchers photographing the shorebirds who have travelled across the planet to nest here.

Last updated: 31-7-2019

Seagrass Monitoring

Educational programs for schools

Habitat Restoration - Tree planting and weed removal

Shed Maintenance Crew