What we do!

Cooloola Coastcare and the Wallum Ecosystem

Maree Prior talks about what's special about the Cooloola Coast and why protecting the natural environment is important.

Over 17 years experience!

Cooloola Coastcare has been applying for Local, Regional, State and Federal Government grants to achieve it’s goals since incorporation in 2001. This represents over 17 years experience in successful Natural Resource Management delivery along the Cooloola and Great Sandy coasts, wetlands and communities. The organisation is aware of coastal NRM issues, and the experienced team will work with your organisation to achieve environmentally best practice solutions for the benefit of our coastal environment and communities.

Coastcare’s program includes:

  1. Management planning to protect natural values of the coast
  2. Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)
  3. Natural resource management / Environmental knowledge capacity building and education
  4. Habitat Restoration and Weed Control
  5. Wetlands monitoring, restoration and weed control
  6. Seagrass monitoring
  7. Dune protection
  8. LOCAL coastal native plant promotion
  9. Fauna Study and Monitoring
  10. Shorebird & local bird education
  11. Water quality monitoring
  12. Marine debris monitoring, removal and education

Economic Benefit

The economic benefit of the program may be described as a triple bottom line investment. Investment in a well organised, registered NRM association with a proven track record will enable ongoing capacity on the coast in on-ground works, knowledge sharing, and social NRM related activities such as bird watching, bush walking, and improving the prospects of large wetland areas within the centre of Rainbow Beach, Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay.

Long Term Impact

Coastcare specifically wishes to target Cooloola Cove Wetlands and Waterways, and the “Boronia Walk” Concept Plan area at Rainbow Beach, to introduce the concepts and principles of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). These projects will improve social infrastructure by enhancing an outdoor space where water quality is maintained and the threat of weed spread is reduced, providing LONGTERM environmental, economic and social benefits.