Marine Debris

Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday 7 March 2021

Join Cooloola Coastcare and help clean up Rainbow Beach and other sites on the Cooloola Coast.

Follow the link to the registration page and add your name to the Rainbow Beach event by searching for the postcode 4581.

Free BBQ at the swim beach after the Clean Up.

Bags supplied.

Free bottle of water for every registered participant.

Coastcare wants to thank you for not littering and for picking up rubbish wherever you find it and taking it to a bin or recycling point.

Casual litter collection during beach and bush walks helps keep our environment clean and prevents litter entering the ocean.

Addressing land-based pollution before it becomes marine pollution

Teams of volunteers identify an area where coastal and marine debris aggregates.

They regularly collect litter from the area.

Debris is sorted by type, counted and photographed.

Data is recorded using the Tangaroa Blue Datasheet which can be can be downloaded.

The datasheets are submitted with photos like the ones pictured here.

Current Teams:

  • Maaroom

Want to start a team in your area of the Cooloola Region?

  1. Decide if you want to work alone or in a group.

  2. Work out an area you can adopt which you can regularly access safely.

  3. Rally your mates and contact the Cooloola Coastcare Coordinator by email or phone to register and arrange insurance cover as a volunteer.


Bottles can be returned for 10 cents at recycling centres.

Where can I return?

Soft drink and beer cans can be returned at recycling centres for 10 cents.

Metal cans can be put in the recycling bin (yellow lid).

Clean paper can be put in the recycling bin (yellow lid).

Soft plastics can be recycled by Recycle at major supermarkets.

Plastic that can be scrunched into a ball can be 'Redcycled'.

Where to recycle soft plastics?

What to recycle into the Recycle bins?

Water bottles can be returned at recycling centres for 10 cents.

Milk bottles can be put in the recycling bin (yellow lid).

Educational materials for schools

Use your trash to help Coastcare make a difference on the Cooloola Coast



Donate cash from your containers using the code above!