ArtBlitz Concept

Cooloola ArtBlitz Concept Development

This project is a concept development process for public art that is inspired by the 3 year series of BioBlitzes in the Cooloola region with a focus on the celebration of existing unique species and new discoveries (38  at the 2018 Cooloola BioBlitz and over 42 in 2019). This could include murals on buildings and service boxes; chainsaw cut wood sculptures; and paint, ink or print artworks such as banners or framed artworks for community buildings such as the Community Halls and street display especially during peak tourist seasons.

This collaborative planning process and concept development will engage up to 10 local artists, including indigenous artists, and 2 artists external to the region with specialities in murals and chainsaw sculpture, in a facilitated process to develop project proposal and concept plan for the creation and installation of public art. 

The final series of artworks should communicate, through a variety of media, to both locals and visitors, the biodiversity of the unique and often unseen nature found in the Cooloola Coast region and highlight the scientific discoveries of new species from the series of Cooloola BioBlitzes in 2018 - 2022.


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