Tin Can Bay School Wetlands 2012

A Project funded by the Burnett-Mary Regional Group (BMRG).

The Tin Can Bay P-10 School has a School Environment Management Plan (SEMP) through a partnership arrangement with the Wide Bay Qld Environmentally Sustainable School Initiative (QESSI) hub, the school administration and Curriculum team and Cooloola Coastcare, through funding by BMRG. The SEMP includes the NRM themes of Energy, Water, Waste and Biodiversity; with the latter being embedded in the school’s new Australian Curriculum through primary school science units each successive year.

The funding of the project was timely with QESSI; anewly appointed Head of Curriculum (HoC) and Cooloola Coastcare’s long and persistent involvement with the school to achieve an integrated approach to grounds management through the curriculum. The contractor enabled ongoing weed removal at previously mapped and regeneration sites; extra planting to increase native species and manage erosion; as well as providing demonstrations in planting technique to all classes over two days during national Planet Ark Tree Day(s) for Schools.

16 teaching staff from Prep to Year 7, 1 admin staff, 1 grounds-staff, 1 HoC and 1 QESSI staff attended information sessions in situ at school natural areas. Locally mapped regional ecosystems on the site were discussed and examples of how these could be utilised in the Primary Science curriculum were provided to each class. QESSI provided the funding for Teacher Relief during a normal school day for the 16 teaching staff.

The school administration and HoC has accepted the SEMP and is currently phasing in the recommendations of the Biodiversity Plan. With a Plan in place, the groundstaff and parent volunteers now have appropriate guidance in weed management and a species list for regeneration of natural areas; planting of landscaped areas and the P&C have requested assistance in grant writing for materials and tools to further implement the recommendations.The project has been celebrated through visual displays of events and student work in the school office; and through the school newsletter.