Moth Mini-Blitz

Ancient 'Metal' Moths, Beronia Flowers and Nature Discoveries

Following up on the exciting discovery at the Cooloola BioBlitz of a moth that is new to science, moth expert Professor Doug Hilton will travel from Melbourne and CSIRO's Dr Don Sands will return to Rainbow Beach for a Mini-Moth-Blitz to conduct more exploration of these small but significant moths and will give a public presentation on Saturday 6 October at 7pm at the Rainbow Beach Hall.

For further information contact Lindy Orwin 0478 039 322

Sponsored by Gympie Regional STEM Hub 'Science in the Pubs, Halls and Cafes' program.

A collaboration between Fraser Island Defenders Organisation and the Cooloola Coastcare Association

Doug Hilton is the Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Professor Doug Hilton

Shelley Gage who first noticed the moth and drew attention to it.

Dr Don Sands with BioBlitz participant Maria Miller.

Dr Don Sands shares knowledge with BioBlitz participant, Maria Miller.