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Online and Print Media 2018

Scientists and volunteers discover new spider species in biodiverse Queensland national park

Spider photos courtesy of Robert Whyte (pictured above). Dr Don Sands collecting a specimen of the new Boronia moth.


Spiders from the Cooloola BioBlitz

Burnett Mary River Group News News

30 September 2018

Scientists excited by new Cooloola discoveries

Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News

Irish Wildlife

Winter 18

Irish Wildlife Trust

Scientists Blitz Cooloola

Rainbow Beach Cooloola Community News

Taking Stock Cooloola 2018 BioBlitz

Robert Whyte

Australasian Arachnology

Vol 87 p20-24


ABC News 28/09/2018

Mornings ABC TV with Joe O’Brien Friday, September 28, 2018

Wildlife, Cake and Cocktails Podcast

Photos (L->R): Janne Torkola interviews Chris Sanderson. Wildlife Cake and Cocktails crew in the field with froggers Ben Revell and Jono Hooper. Admiring a spider specimen.

Photos courtesy of Wildlife Cake and Cocktails.