CUBA Project Presentations

Crowds flock to see the presentation of the Cooloola Underwater Biodiversity Assessment

Updated: 13-4-2018

Large crowds attended the presentation in Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach and Poona to hear Marine Biologist and Cameraman, Josh Jensen, present his videos of the underwater world of Tin Can Inlet and Searys Ledge as part of the Cooloola Underwater Biodiversity Project. Around 260 people have now seen the curious creatures below the surface. People were surprised by the exotic species such as the Moth fish and charmed by the cute and curious relationships like that of the blind shrimp and the Gobi fish who share a burrow.

The crowds were surprised by the decimation of life cased by the swinging chains of anchors and moorings that laid bare the circle of sand scraped clean by the heavy chains as the vessels dragged them across the bottom with the rapidly flowing tides.

Gallery of photos:

The Cooloola Underwater Biodiverstiy Assessment is a Cooloola Coastcare project supported by the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG), through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the Gympie Regional Council Environmental Levy.

Marine biologist and cameraman, Josh Jensen and his camera.

Local boatie, Graham Mitchell, provided support for Josh during his dives.