History of the Vegetation Mapping Project

Since its inception, Cooloola Coastcare Assoc Inc and Tin Can Bay City Farm Nursery have been involved in the identification, propagation and use of native plant species for local environmental projects. Cooloola Coastcare has sought to promote the values of coastal native vegetation to the wider community through educational displays, field outings, media releases and engagement in a variety of environmental forums and management processes. The use and monitoring of vegetation resources on the Cooloola Coast are central to the group's on-going activities.

Now with $30,000 in funding for a new 18-month project from the Burnett Mary Regional Group, Cooloola Coastcare Assoc Inc hopes to increase community awareness of the local native vegetation resources through a community activated 'wallum' species database and mapping project. Environmental scientist David Menzies, from Gympie, has been employed as the project officer for two days per week, to oversee the implementation of the Cooloola Coast Mapping Project, and be responsible for on-going activities and delivering expected outcomes.

The project will take place on 32 sites including unallocated State lands; council reserves and Education Qld land. Known in the industry as 'ground truthing', this multi-faceted project will:

  • identify and map the occurrence of species within the landscape;
  • assess, map and monitor plant populations and their health (including Pandanus tectorius);
  • provide a ready reference for seed collection sites of indigenous species;
  • monitor the re-emergence of species after fire and map fire occurrence;
  • assess, map and monitor the spread of weed species;
  • provide specific information on rare and threatened (EVR) species including description, photo, distribution map, population abundance, flowering and seed availability, and propagation techniques;
  • build capacity within the local community through a mentorship of local volunteers in on-ground monitoring techniques; GPS/GIS use and reporting;
  • collect seed samples for research and propagation.