Team Leaders - Arachnids

Meet the Team Leaders leading the surveys

Frederik Leck Fischer


Frederik Leck Fischer

 Frederik graduated from The University of Copenhagen, and his thesis was on crab spider vision and sensory capabilities in the European species Ozyptila praticola and Xysticus cristatus under supervision from the spider taxonomist Nikolaj Scharff, and Sensory physiologist Anders Garm. Nikolaj is doing major revision-work on Arkys species, and Taxonomy of Australasian Malkaridae.

He wrote his bachelor thesis on the taxonomy of Stenopelmatoidea orthopterans, which included many Australian taxa (King crickets, Cooloola monsters and similar).

Greg Anderson

Co-author of A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia

Ethan Yeoman

Brisbane based Citizen Scientist and spider enthusiast.

Meet the team behind the event

Lindy Orwin


Event Coordinator

Randy Orwin

B.Ed. M.Sc. 

Tech and Data Curation

Xadia Kirby

Bachelor of Animal Ecology

Volunteer Helper