Leaders 2020

NOTE: More Team Leaders are being added as they are confirmed. 😊

Last updated: 18-12-2019

Botany (Plants) & Mycology (Fungi)

Pandanus Survey

Joel Fostin

Pandnus Specialist

Fungi Survey

Sandra Tuszynska

Fungi Specialist

Bryophyte Survey

Andrew Franks

Mosses, liverworts & hornworts

President of the Australian Bryological Network and curator of the Queensland Herbarium’s bryophyte collection

More Survey Leaders

Coming soon

Bird Survey

Roy Sonnenberg

Bird Survey

Sheena Gillman

Insects & Arachnids

Insect Survey

Dr Don Sands OAM

CSIRO Entomologist (Retired)

Spider Survey

Robert Whyte

Author of Spiders of Australia

Insect Survey

Dr Geoff Monteith

Queensland Museum (Retired)Specialist in the Cooloola Monster.

Nocturnal Frog Survey

Jono Hooper

Queensland Frog Society

Nocturnal Frog Survey

Ben Revell

Vice President, Queensland Frog Society

"The Listening: 2020"

Mike West

Past President, Birds Queensland