Cooloola Coast Birds

Welcome to our Wonderful Foreshore!

Not only is Tin Can Bay known throughout Australia as one of the most charming villages on the SE Queensland coast, but our foreshore continues to gather praise for it's wealth of natural beauty. Being located within Queensland's Great Sandy Straits, it is also part of a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. 

Whether bicycle riding, jogging, or casually strolling along this 4 km stretch of easily accessible foreshore, you'll soon discover that Tin Can Bay is home to a truly wonderful variety of birds. With a list of over 137 species already sighted, our foreshore is gaining a reputation as a great place to bird watch! 

The foreshore provides a range of habitats for an excellent birding experience. The sandflats and mangroves are a food source for migratory waders and sea birds. Patches of Wallum heath and sedges provide shelter or ground dwelling and lower storey birds. Our native vegetation of Wattle, She-Oak and Banksia provide nectar for the middle storey birds, and the birds of the upper-storey feed on the blossoms of the Red River Gums and Bloodwood. There are also many spots where birds of the 'open space' can be observed. 

Tin Can Bay Foreshore Bird Walk

Remember, sandflies and mosquitoes are also a natural part of our environment so dress appropriately and always protect yourself against sunburn, especially in the summer. A pair of binoculars and a good field guide of Australian birds will no doubt enhance your foreshore walk.

Most birds included in this list can be viewed in suitable habitat anywhere along the foreshore. However, the numbered spots have been identified as the most likely place for an observation of the listed birds. If you should sight a bird not on our list or discover errors on our website, please report it by noting it on the pamphlet and dropping it into our local post office or library. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Cooloola Coastcare Association Inc. & Cooloola Nature wish to thank the many organisations and individuals who have contributed to the production of this pamphlet. Our special thanks goes to photographers Brian & Val O'Leary and Robin Hill for permission to reproduce their wonderful bird photographs. Please consult our credits page for a full list of contributors and for further detail regarding our future plans for Cooloola Coast Birds.

We hope you enjoy your walk!